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Our astro-turf surface is FIFA certified

Frequently asked questions

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How long are the halves?

Each game runs for 40 mins (20 minute halves)

Who can play?

We are an all inclusive competition, which means we have  leagues for men, mixed and masters

How do I Register?

Follow the registration links or get in touch with us on Facebook!

Frequently asked questions

For Fox football fives

What are the kick off times for leagues?

5:45, 6:30, 7:15, 8:00, 8:45

How do the leagues work?

Teams register for a 12 week season, this includes 2 weeks of finals, season lengths may vary depending on the number of registered teams. Payment is due before each match. You can join one of our leagues at any time during the season.

How do we register for a league?

Teams can complete the online registration form with their details. We will be in touch afterwards to confirm your fixture.

How do we pay?

We accept both cash and EFTPOS, before your fixture.

Are your pitches available for hire?

Our pitches are available for hire by appointment. 

Do we need to wear shinpads?

‍We recommend the use of shinpads. If you choose to play without it is at your own risk.

What kind of footwear can we use?

No screw in studs are permitted. Trainers, astros and moulded studs can be worn.

Is there a maximum amount of players per team?

Yes, 8 players on any one evening

What are the rules?

Full Match Rules can be found at

What is your forfeit policy?

Forfeit Policy can be found at

What is your weather policy?

Weather Policy can be found at

Do we need kits?

Matching shirt colours are required, in the event of a kit colour clash bibs will be provided by Fox Football management.

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