📢 League Changes Post COVID

League Changes Post COVID

⚽ Rule Changes ⚽

Ball in the Corners - Any player controlling the ball in any of the four corners of the field must release the ball within 3 seconds

Time Wasting/Obstruction - Any player controlling the ball in close proximity to the boards and shielding it away from opposition can be penalised for time wasting if they are deemed to be;

Not making a genuine attempt to play the ball

Excessively shielding the ball with their body

Having their back to the field of play for prolonged periods

Last Defender Fouls - Last Defender fouls (including goalkeeper handballs) now result in a penalty.

🚨 Forfeit Insurance 🚨

As forfeit insurance, teams must provide credit card details or pay a match bond fee. The credit card will only be charged in an instance where the forfeit policy is breached. Full forfeit policy below;

7 days notice is required to forfeit a match, all forfeits must be lodged via SMS or phoned through to Fox Fives.

In the event of a fixture being abandoned, the following fines occur:

Less than 7 days notice - $70
Less than 24 hours notice - $100
Team no show - $150

Payments 💳

All payments must be made prior to kickoff - After payment is made, a ticket will be provided to present to the referee

Team payments are now a 2 transaction limit - this can be partial cash and partial card if necessary

COVID Procedures 🤒

We can no longer provide bibs and keeper gloves for the foreseeable future, please ensure your team wears matching colour shirts. I will have a small number of single use bibs on hand for cases of severe colour clashes ✔️

Hand Sanitizer onsite for use before and after matches ✔️

No spitting as usual ✔️

We ask that you do not attend if you;

  • Have flu like symptoms
  • Have travelled internationally or have been in direct contact with a known case of COVID 19 in the past 14 days
  • Are at high risk from a health perspective

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