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                                  Match Rules


All teams must take the field with five players - 4 outfielders and one goalkeeper

Teams can make unlimited substitutions throughout the match, these must be made in dead-ball situations

No slide tackles

No offsides

No out of bounds, ricocheting the ball off perimeter fencing is allowed and remains in play

No corners

Heading is permitted

If the ball touches any part of the side of the net (behind the goalkeeper) the ball automatically goes to the goalkeeper for a play restart

Fouls & Contact

Free kicks are awarded against players if any of the following offences occur;

Slide Tackles
Shoulder Charges
Holding an Opponent
Impeding an opponent with Contact
Time wasting in the corner/against the boards

The Goalkeeper can pick up the ball at any time in the goal area

Goalkeepers can come outside of their goal square, but can not use their hands when outside the square

Goalkeepers can pass the ball out with their feet or throw it out with their hands, the throw must be underarm only

Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them from a teammate

Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands

Goalkeepers must pass or release the ball within 6 seconds

Serious fouls/on-field incidents will be punishable by yellow and red cards

Maximum of 3 substitute players per team

In the event of a free kick, opposing players must stand a minimum of 2 metres away from the player taking the free kick 

Goals can be scored from anywhere on the field of play

Leagues & Match Fee's

Match fees are due before kickoff. Cash or Eftpos.

Kick Off Times

Fixtures and Kick Off times can be found online at

All teams should be ready to start 10 mins prior to Kick Off 

If you are more than 5 minutes late, your team will incur a 3 goal deficit to begin the match

Speak directly with management if you have any issues with fixture times

All Weather Policy

Fox Football Fives is an all-weather facility; games are played in all weather conditions. Matches will only be cancelled prior to severe weather conditions at the discretion of Fox Football Fives management. 

Player/Team Conduct

Referees are not to be abused at any point.

Unacceptable Conduct includes the use of foul language, fighting or threatening behaviour.

All spectators must not abuse other players and referees.

Match Attire

Competitive, Social, Mixed and Youth leagues must wear matching shirts as a minimum for their kits.

Boots with moulded soles or joggers only to be worn on pitches. No screw in/steel studs.

Jewellery is to be taken off prior to Kick Off, this includes watches.

Shin pads are recommended, if you choose to play without it is at your own risk.


Consuming Alcohol is permitted in licensed bar area only. No alcohol can be brought to the venue for consumption.

No smoking is permitted anywhere within the Fox Football Fives/Cambridge bowls club as per Government regulations.

No outside food is to be brought into the Fox Football Fives area.

Cancellation Policy

Fox Football Fives is committed to making sure each team plays its match as scheduled

Our cancellation policy is designed to ensure your fixture is completed and in the event of forfeit you are given as much notice as possible. Any forfeits where we do not have 24 hours notice, you will be charged.

Forfeit fees are as follows:

Less than 7 Days Notice- $70
Less than 24hrs Notice – $100         
Team No Show (no notice to management) - $150

The Cancellation Policy applies for each fixture. If your side is in breach you must pay for the fixture that you missed.

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