2023 League Handbook📚

Everything You Need To Know 👌

Match Rules

The main laws of football apply but variations to acceptable level of contact permitted during our matches as well as intricacies of certain rules specific to the caged 5-a-side format have been made.

Basic laws of our game can be found below as well as player code of conduct & in more depth clarification on certain rules. All teams & players must abide by our code of conduct.

Basic Laws of the Game ⚖️

- No slide tackles
-No offsides
-All free kicks are indirect
- Players can score from anywhere
- Heading is permitted         
-No overhead or dangerous kicking is permitted
- The Goalkeeper can come out of his box at anytime and “sweep” but can only pick up the ball when inside the box (See    goalkeeper section for in depth clarification of keeper rules)         
- Goalkeepers can be changed in dead ball situations, ref must be notified
-  If the ball touches any part of the side of the goal (behind the keeper) the ball goes to the keeper for a restart. This is the main opportunity for substitutions.
- Teams cannot kick the ball into their defending side netting, the exception being deflections. Doing so will result in a free kick from the corner to the opposition.       
-Kicks that touch the roof net are still in play, goals cannot be scored if they touch the roof unless the ball comes in contact with an opposing player or keeper first.
-  Substitutions are unlimited and can be made in dead ball situations only.
- Teams are to have a maximum of 8 players during any given match.
-  Ball up against the perimeter fencing/ball in corner – Any player that uses perimeter boarding/corners to guard the ball must release the ball within 3 seconds or it will result in a free kick to the opposition for time wasting.         
-Last defender fouls preventing goal scoring opportunity will have a penalty awarded
 - Clumsy challenges near boarding  will result in free kicks – Less contact is permitted near the perimeter boarding & clumsy  or unrealistic challenges will be warned/carded.         
- Yellow cards result in a 2-minute sin bin for player – they cannot be replaced on field during this time.
- Red cards result in the player being sent off for the remainder of the game – they cannot be replaced on field

Fouls & Contact ⛔

Ultimately all of our leagues are social purposes only. The fast paced nature of the game requires variations to the acceptable level of contact permitted during our matches. Depending on the severity of the infringement, these can also result in a yellow or red card. Far less contact is permitted when making a challenge for the ball when players are in close proximity to the perimeter boarding.

Free kicks are awarded against players if any of the following offences occur 🙅

Slide Tackles
Shoulder Charges
Holding an Opponent
Impeding an opponent with Contact
Time wasting in the corner/against the boards
Any action the referee considers careless, reckless or involving excessive force

Yellow & Red Card Procedure 🟨🟥

Any player receiving a yellow card must leave the field immediately for 2 minutes. A yellow card being issued will result in a 2 minute man down penalty (the player sent off cannot be substituted). Any player receiving a red card must leave the pitch immediately and cannot return to the match. The team will play with a man down for the remainder of the match.

Red & Yellow cards will apply in the following situations but are not limited to 🟨🟥

- Tackles deemed to be reckless and of excessive force by the match official
- Persistent infringement of the Laws of the Game including repeated clumsy challenges
- Foul play
- General Unsporting Behavior - Offensive language and/or gestures
- Dissent by word or action towards referee or opposing players

Suspension/Bans 🚫

Every incident is recorded & logged by league management. Any player or team that is causing consistently bad experiences for teams within the league will be removed. Each player in your team is a representative of your team, we therefore generally choose to ban entire teams as opposed to the individual player.

Severity of challenges assessment 📖

Careless - Player has shown lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or acting without precaution.
Reckless - Player has acted with complete disregard for the danger to, or consequences for his opponent - A player behaving in such a way will be issued a card at the discretion of the referee
Excessive force - Player has exceeded the necessary use of force & is in danger of injuring his opponent. A player behaving in such a way will be issued with a card/sent off.

Goalkeeper Specific Rules 📜⚽

The Goalkeeper can pick up the ball at any time in the goal area

Goalkeepers can come outside of their box and "sweep", but cannot use their hands

Goalkeepers can pass the ball out with their feet or throw it out with their hands, the throw must be underarm only

Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them from a teammate

Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands

Goalkeepers can make sliding saves inside the box only only. They are permitted to initiate the save in the box and incidentally have their body finish the save outside of the box. The exception being if the referee deems that the save attempt is reckless or can potentially harm the opposing player.

Code of Conduct

When competing in our leagues either as a team or individual you are agreeing to behave in a manner that is appropriate. Our leagues are strictly for social purposes and you are therefore required to play in the right spirit of the game to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere within our leagues.

In fielding a team, each player must ✅

- Adhere to the laws of the game
- Display high standards of behavior
- Respect match officials & their decisions
- Do not engage in insulting abusive language of any kind
- Do not engage in any intimidation/harassment of players & league staff

Any team that displays the following behavior or seriously breaches the code will be removed from the league 🚫

- Disrespecting opposing players, match officials or league staff
- Dissent towards match official in a physical, verbal or visual manner
- Abuse towards other players, refs or staff member
- Ongoing or repeated violations of the laws of the game

Teams are ultimately responsible for the players that take the field for them and we have a zero tolerance policy for teams that breach the code of conduct. As such, in the event of serious foul play, the team will be removed from the league. We do not apply warnings or strikes in these incidents.

General FAQ

Can we wear Football Boots?

Football boots are recommended, however no steel studded boots are permitted

Do we need kits & shinpads?

Matching shirts are required at a minimum. It is recommended that you wear any color other than black. Shin pads are recommended but you can choose not to wear them you at your own risk.

How Long Are The Matches?

Matches are 40 minutes in length. 2x20 minute halves

How Long Are The Seasons?

Season length varies based on the number of teams in the league.

Are There Prizes for Winning the League?

All division winners receive a $150 voucher from our sponsors Varsity Bar.

How do the Divisions work?

League management will make suggestions as to which divisions will best suit your teams skill level. If the division is not a great fit for your team we can move you to one more suited.

What are the kick-off times?

5:45, 6:30, 7:15, 8, 8:45 - Kick off times are shared with the other teams within the league and as such vary for your team from week to week.

Can my team join at anytime?

Yes. Our leagues are played year-round and you can join at any time during the season subject to availability.

Where do I check league Fixtures & Results?

Fixtures & Results can be found in the dedicated tabs on our website. They are also available via the SportsFix app. Fixtures are uploaded to the website weekly on Thursdays with the exception of the Thursday League that is uploaded on Friday.

Ladder Points & Finals

Teams receive 3 points for a Win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. Top 4 teams play finals at the end of the season in a 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 format.

What happens if we need to forfeit?

You are required to let league management know that you cannot make your match. Please see the below forfeit policy section that you must adhere to in order to avoid charges.

What happens if we have a forfeit against?

League management will give you as much notice as possible in the event that your opponent forfeits

What happens in the event of bad weather?

The pitches are all weather so games are rarely cancelled. Please see weather section below for more info.


Weekly Match Fee 💲

The weekly match fee is $80 - this is due prior to your kickoff

Payment Methods 💵💳

Payment can be made by cash or card. One transaction only, no split billing.

Forfeit Policy

We are committed to making sure each match is played as scheduled. Our forfeit policy is designed to ensure your fixture is completed. In the event of a forfeit your team will be given as much notice as possible. To avoid penalties, all that is required is to give us 48hrs of advance notice in the event that your team cannot make up the numbers.

When joining a league a $160 forfeit bond is required to enter, this is fully refundable when you stop playing with us providing the following terms are met;

Fees/Fines ✍️

> Forfeit on the day - $100
> Forfeit with less than 48 hrs notice - $80
> No Show Forfeit - $160
> Any forfeit with 48+ hrs. notice = No Charge

Bad Weather Procedure

Matches still go ahead with rain. The pitches are designed for all weather, games will only be cancelled in the event of dangerous weather conditions. On the rare occurrence that a match may need to be cancelled, your team will be given as much notice as possible 🌧️

Player Terms

Any persons playing at Fox Football Fives play at their own risk and accept full responsibility for any injury/illness arising from their participation of Football/activities. Private Health Insurance may cover injury but please check with your insurance provider as this is not insurace/legal advise.

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